The Drew O'Donoghue Fund
2018 Holiday Event is now open!

Warm greetings, friends!

As we settle into autumn, on the heels of Halloween, we’re just weeks away from Thanksgiving and then Hanukkah and Christmas will be here before we know it!

And as the holiday season approaches, we’re reminded to take time to reflect on our lives and to celebrate the blessings of so many people who’ve come into our lives - some who may have left too soon but who continue to fill our lives with hope and joy.

It’s in this spirit that we hope you'll join us for The Drew O’Donoghue Fund 2018 Holiday Event on Thursday, November 29th at The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City.

The primary mission of The Drew O’Donoghue Fund is to find a cure for ACC. Our fundraisers have been a driving force in raising funds for dedicated research teams led by Dr. Diane Reidy of Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dr. Gary Hammer of the University of Michigan Cancer Center. 

Over the past three years that we’ve held this event, the evening has proven to be a joyous celebration filled with the sharing of stories of hope, stories of strength, and stories of the belief in finding a cure for ACC. These include the stories of so many people working tirelessly to make life better for those stricken with ACC. And at the heart of these stories is you. You are the reason we have been able to make a meaningful contribution toward the research of this rare cancer.
It’s also a night where we get a chance to reminisce and reconnect with old friends, and to laugh and to dance! 
We truly appreciate your effort in this fight, and we ask you to find it in your hearts to help continue the fight with us, side by side, because only together will we be able to one day arrive at a cure.
We wish each of you and your families a wonderful holiday season, and we hope we will see you on November 29th.

Please click on the registration link or more information and for tickets to the event.

Thank you!
With much gratitude,
Sean, Lisa & Patrick, Jerry Nealon, Jerry Vogel and Jim Wyatt

The Drew O’Donoghue Fund Board of Directors